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Online Advertising

Expand your reach, find new customers, and diversify your revenue streams.

Pay-per-click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is one of the most common and effective types of online advertising. It's also called Paid Search as you can define keywords that match the users search queries. This enables you to target your ads. You can also limit the display of your ads by region and this combination ensures you hit your target customers. Now, you need to figure out if you want online users to come to your business, visit your shop or do something on the website. With the right message you will be able to get the results you aim for.

Paid Social Advertising

With Social advertising you can target consumers where they spend their time, namely on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. On social media you have more parameters to define the customers that see your message. This give you more control, but the key is to get users to come back to your website after they explored all their options. The web makes it easy to compare different offerings, so a combination social and PPC advertising is the most effective way to maximise your return on investment.