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Training and support

Our job isn’t done until you feel confident with your new website.


We take care of the service needed to keep your website going. From the start we will advise you on the best approach to set up your website, all the way through until it's published. After that we will always be available to relief your concerns and fit your demands. Our direct approach provides you with an efficient and cost effective way to manage your website.


We provide training in managing your website as part of the development process. Our Content Management System (CMS) will be adapted to your specifications and will therefore be more intuitive to use. We will ensure that your are confident in operating the system and updating the content before we hand over the maintenance of the website.


We have a variety of support packages that you can dip into should the need arise. Websites need regular maintenance, fresh images, new module or New functionality. We can be involved on a regular or ad-hoc basis to provide the support you require. Our specialities include graphic design, accessibility, writing for the web and integration with third party applications.